Decorative Plant Citronella Candle Collection - 6 pcs

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Decorative Plant Citronella Candle Collection - 6 pcsA. Grafted Cactus B. Flapjacks SucculentC. Torch CactusD. Lola SucculentE.  Chile SucculentF. Pork and Beans Succulent[Design]Super cool ...

Decorative Plant Citronella Candle Collection - 6 pcs

A. Grafted Cactus
B. Flapjacks Succulent
C. Torch Cactus
D. Lola Succulent
E.  Chile Succulent
F. Pork and Beans Succulent

Super cool and incredibly realistic, this assortment of cute Succulent Plant Candle Pot is possibly too lovely to burn, it is fantastic in the bathroom or on the table.
These cute candles are the perfect gift for that plant-killing friend who would love some green in their house or for dad's desk, as no watering is needed. Place them in a deep glass with some sand and conceal the holder, making it look like a genuine growing cactus, imagine your friends' faces when you light it! Great for home decoration. Stylish and elegant shelf, mantle or table accent pieces for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, bathrooms and outdoor table.

- Color: Green / Gray Green / White Green / Red
- Material: Paraffin + Citronella Oil + Cement
- Repels mosquitoes and other flying insects
- Each candle burns for up to 7 hours
- Package Weight: 110g / 3.9oz
- Each size: Ø7 x 8.5cm

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6 * Plant Citronella Candles

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